Friday, September 7, 2012

US Mountain Running Team's Media Coverage at the World Mountain Running Championships

I'll write separate post with my own photographs and experiences at the World Mountain Running Championships.  Here is a compilation of media coverage the team received.  Summary: great trip, didn't loose any athletes along the way, women win GOLD (again), Morgan Arritola wins bronze.

Morgan, Brandy, Stevie & Melody wear gold   

On Friday before the race we did a Google Hangout on Air with several of our athletes to get their impressions of the trip so far and their expectations for the race.  That video can be found on the US Mountain Running Team YouTube page here.

I tweeted live updates on race day (Sunday, September 2) from the gondola stops along the course (Ponte di Legno, middle station and Passo del Tonale):

Morgan on her way to 3rd place

Between tweets I took still photos of the race leaders and US athletes which can be found here.

Gerry Brady from the Irish Mountain Running Team took the following pictures:
Junior women's race
Junior men's race
Senior women's race
Senior men's race

Professional photographer Dan Vernon also took some photos of the race including this awesome one of Morgan Arritola at the start of the senior women's race.

Sage Canaday on his way to 12th place

As I mentioned at the beginning of the post our senior women's team won the gold medal - Morgan Arritola, Stevie Kremer, Melody Fairchild and Brandy Erholtz.  Paul Kirsch put together this collection of still photos with video of the US women at the podium ceremony.

Additional event videos:
Sage Canaday - VO2Max Productions
Sport di Montagna (Italy) (several videos)

In the days after the race with accolades and congratulations rolling into the team, the following news stories were published:
Running Times - US Women Earn Gold at Mountain Running Worlds
Trail Runner Magazine - US Women Win Gold at the World Mountain Running Championships
Crested Butte News - Stevie Kremer Represents US at Mountain Running Worlds
The Genesee Sun - From Mt Morris to the Alps, Chichester competes in World Championships
Runner's World - U.S. Women Triumph at World Mountain Running
Fastest Skier

Nancy Hobbs penned several Examiner articles including the following:
US senior men
US senior women
US junior team
Former team member Pablo Vigil part of US delegation

Stevie Kremer shows off her Salomon Sense

Friend of the team Italian Alberto Stretti posted this video of Morgan Arritola on FloTrail.

Official results from the races were first posted here.

Several websites picked up Nancy's press releases including, and

Of course the World Mountain Running Association also posted its own story.

World Champion and friend of the team Marco De Gasperi

Overall it was a great event in the Dolomite mountains of northern Italy.  The cool, rainy weather cleared for race day, all our US athletes put in fantastic efforts and of course our women brought home some shiny hardware - congrats to all!

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