Sunday, December 9, 2012

Week in Training - December 3 to December 9

Sick.  I hate being sick.  It's been a stressful last 2 weeks so I suppose it was bound to happen.  A job interview last Tuesday followed by a quick 3 day trip to the USA Track & Field annual meeting in Daytona Beach, FL followed immediately by 4 straight days of snowshoe presentations at REI stores - Saratoga (20 miles round trip), Berkeley (100 miles), Sacramento (260 miles) and Manhattan Beach (720 miles).  Fortunately for me and much to the disbelief of my wife, I only missed one day of training from this "sickness".

Attendees trickle in for my Get Going! presentation

Monday: Flat 10k run in Mountain View before driving down to Saratoga, CA.
Tuesday: 15 mile roller-ski on the Shoreline Trails before driving up to Berkeley, CA.
Wednesday: 1 hour of Dailey Method core strength followed by an easy 4 mile run in the rain. Left early to beat rush hour on the long drive to Sacramento, CA.

Cooler temps brought out the arm warmers

Thursday: 5.6 mile road run before flying down to Los Angeles for another snowshoe presentation.  That evening I lost my appetite and started feeling like shit.
Friday: Flew back from LA, made a massive bowl of chicken veggie soup and sat on the couch for the rest of the day.
Saturday: Forced myself off the couch and ran 4 miles with Kelly.  Made more soup - Potato Leek.
Sunday: Feeling slightly better. 25 mile flat road bike ride.

Getting fit for snow skiing starting next week in Bend, OR.  Can't wait!

Sunday's ride was my first in 2.5 weeks after I had some really unnerving sharp pain and swelling in my right knee.  Having already had 2 knee surgeries (Right in 2006 and Left in 2009), I was really worried I damaged the cartilage during one of my core strength workouts.  After seeing an ortho and my regular PT it was determined to be misalignment of the patella - something easily fixed by rest and some patella mobility exercises.

Felt good to be back on my bike again.

So, not a horrible week of training all things considered.  20 miles of running, 15 miles of roller-skiing and 25 miles of cycling - a total of 7 hours of training.  My carbon footprint was not so good - 400 miles of driving and 700+ miles of flying.  As payback perhaps I should compost myself.