Friday, September 20, 2013

Where did the summer go? .....or how I spent my Summer vacation.

Humm, yeah - I've been negligent about posting so let's catch up starting NOW!

July: I flew back East to the old country (a.k.a. New England) to attend the 2013 +USA Track & Field Mountain Running Championships / Cranmore Hill Climb / selection race for the US Mountain Running Team / NACAC Mountain Running Championships.  4 races in 1 - woo hoo!  This was also my first time traveling with Google Glass so I took TONS of photos, videos and tweeted the heck out of the races.  As usual it was also a chance to catch up with my mountain running friends from around the country and be amazed (again) by how deep and fast the fields have become at the mountain running champs.

I didn't know that +Nano Hobbs was afraid of heights.

+Morgan Arritola rightfully skeptical of my new nerd glasses.

Mountain running power brokers & friends +Nano Hobbs+Steve Vaitones and +Steve Taylor 

The women's race is underway!  

+Stevie Kremer and +Morgan Arritola way out in front after 1 lap.

The top 6 women after the race.

+Mario Mendoza and +Max King just moments before starting the men's race.

+Max King legging it out on the downhill.

Some runners endured serious aerobic pain on the steep, grassy uphills.

+Alex Nichols becomes the 6th and final man to qualify for the +US Mountain Running Team 

+Megan Lund-Lizotte and future mountain runner "Maven" relax after the race.

Yes kiddos, mountain running is a contact sport - contact with the trail.

The fastest trail runners in the USA show off their hard earned awards.

"Ok +Google Glass, take a picture of daddy"

+Dave Dunham - it's your fault for dragging me into this crazy mountain running sport........and Action Dave agrees with me.  

This race was also the first opportunity to test out my new +GoPro Hero 3 (thanks mom!).  Here's a little summary video of the races.

Full results from the race can be found here.  

Congratulations to all the athletes who qualified for the 2013 +US Mountain Running Team - +Joseph Gray +Max King +Glenn Randall +Alex Nichols +Ryan Hafer and +Zachary Ornelas.  On the women's side +Morgan Arritola and +Stevie Kremer finished 1st and 2nd in the race but declined their spots on the team due to schedule conflicts.  Joining the men listed above at the World Mountain Running Championships on September 8 in Krynica, Poland were +Magdalena Boulet +Megan Lund-Lizotte Megan Kimmel and +Chris Lundy