Monday, November 19, 2012

Week in Training - November 12 to 18

The week started well as I was "graduated" from physical therapy for my pelvis and calf injuries.  Good news until I managed to injure my right knee on Tuesday at a Dailey Method core strength class.  It was most likely caused by quad & glut strength exercises that require deep knee bends.

I had the same issue with my left knee in 2009 after a crossfit class.  That injury eventually required surgery.  It appears that my 25 years of running, cycling and skiing has made the cartilage in my knees susceptible to damage from deep knee bending under heavy loads.

Monday: 6 mile bike ride to physical therapy, 6 mile bike home from PT, 26 mile bike ride up/down Page Mill Road where I made this cool short test video.
Tuesday: 1 hour of Dailey Method core strength, 7 mile flat road run.
Wednesday33 mile road bike ride around Woodside and Portola Valley.
Thursday: Day off - right knee pain.
Friday: 12 mile skate roller ski around Shoreline Park.
Saturday: 1 hour of Dailey Method, 4 mile easy run to test my right knee - feels ok.
Sunday: 6 mile flat road run - knee still feels good.

My goal for this coming week is to get my training back on track.  I'll be going back to physical therapy on Monday where I hope to get some exercises to help my right knee track more efficiently.