Monday, November 26, 2012

Week in Training - November 19 to 25

My recent knee issue is feeling much better this week.  A visit to physical therapy hooked me up with the exercises to stretch my quad muscle attachments and mobilize the patella.  There's still some tissue inflammation but no pain and I stopped taking anti-inflamatories.

My pelvic injury from last Summer still causes some aching in the morning but whatever I did to my calf back in September is 100% better. So, with everything going so well I actually got some decent running miles in this week.

Monday: 6.5 mile easy run - point to point from Kelly's office to home.
Tuesday: 11 mile roller ski on the Shoreline trails in the morning.  I saw Vitor Rodrigues out for his morning run.  He said I was easily recognized since pretty much nobody else in Mountain View roller skis.  In the afternoon I went up to Los Altos for a 1 hour Dailey Method core strength workout.
Wednesday: After a rainy night, it was muddy on the unpaved Bay Trail where I ran 6.5 miles out and back along Moffett Field.
Thursday: Thanksgiving Day.  1 week after some pretty acute pain in my right knee I wanted to test it on the bike again.  18 easy, flat miles on the road bike was pain free but I did experience a little increased irritation and inflammation later in the day.
Friday: Since runs to date hadn't exacerbated any of my injuries I went out for a "long run".  In this case, 9 flat miles on the road.  No post run pain - mission accomplished.
Saturday: In the morning Kelly and I went up to Menlo Park for a 1 hour Dailey Method core strength workout.  Normally I might go for a long bike ride on Saturday but with my recent knee issues I settled for a 4 mile easy run.
Sunday: Nothing fancy - just another 7 mile run on the roads.

Not a bad week of training.  I'm happy to be back up to 35 miles of running in a week but disappointed that this knee issues is limiting my cycling.  Next steps will be to slowly ramp up the running miles while adding a little speed.  As for cycling, that will depend on how my knee responds - fingers crossed.  In the meantime, there's always roller least until we head to Bend, OR in two weeks for some real snow skiing.