Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Running and bicycle maintenance go together like......

........I don't really know.  Just throwing that out there.

I woke up this morning feeling not too bad after yesterday's 16 miles of running and a track workout.  Better than the morning after my first (running) road race of 2012 back in March - the Across the Bay 12k.  That race caused my calves to protest each step for the next 48 hours.  Better than after my first (cycling) road race of 2012 two weeks ago - the Copperopolis Road Race.  I thought my arse muscles were going to set up like concrete after that ordeal.

All systems go.  Time to run.  I headed out mid-day to work on my tan and run 10 miles at a comfortable 7:30ish pace.  Tanning was unsuccessful due to my common sense application of sunscreen.  The run up to the Bay Trail and back was successful and uneventful.

With that pesky run out of the way I set about prepping my second favorite Italian bicycle for this Friday's Sea Otter Classic race.  Step 1: replace the very well worn tires on my clincher wheels (to be available as spares).  I knew these Vredestein Tri-comps were worn square but didn't realize how worn until I took a close look:

Yup, worn down to the casing; certainly got my monies worth out of those.  I'm no connoisseur of fine racing tires but since getting so many miles out of these I opted to get another pair of Vredestein Tri-comps.  Being able to pump them up to 175 psi for races is a nice feature too........just be careful not to bust your spleen.

Step 2: break out my lightweight carbon fiber (a.k.a. "crabon fibre") tubular racing wheels.  Oh how I love riding these wheels.  The low rolling resistance of Vittoria Corsa Evo CX tubulars and motor-like acceleration.  Now if I can only do this fine steed justice in the race.  Fingers crossed.