Thursday, April 19, 2012

Snakes on a trail. A rolling tubular gathers no moss.

Where is Samuel L. Jackson when you need him?  I thought I was going to have a heart attack this morning when I almost stepped on a large snake.  Basking in the sun on the Bay Trail this beast stretched out almost 5 feet long and several inches in diameter.  All this time I thought stepping on duck droppings or swallowing face-fulls of gnats were the most dangerous Bay Trail hazards.  Enough is enough!  I had it with these motherf***king snakes on this motherf***king trail! 

Anywho, that was at mile 5 of my 8 mile tempo run.  Yesterday was an easy run so today I wanted to up the speed and cruise at sub 6:30 pace after a few warm-up miles.  I felt really good - keeping my heart rate zones 2/3.  Another quality run on my path to not-sucking.  Nothing remarkable course-wise; just an out-n-back on a gravel section of the Bay Trail.

This afternoon I planned an easy 20 miles on my MASI with the tubular wheels to give them a little burn-in prior to tomorrow's Sea Otter Classic.  At the beginning of the ride the freshly mounted tubulars were making some frightening noises - like the sound glue makes when you tear off old tubulars.  I started to ride over to the shop that mounted them to ask WTF but after a few miles the noise went away entirely.  I'm guessing it was some sheering of the glue layers as the tires settled into place around the rim.  Since the tires ran straight, true and didn't roll off the rims in the corners I'm guessing everything is a-ok.  Fingers crossed.  Knock on carbon fiber.

Another boring route for the bike ride.  Some Mountain View burbs, the Stevens Creek Trail, the Google-sphere and Bay Trail.  Flat, flat and a little more flat.  I'm not going to get anymore fit between today and tomorrow so nothing to do but eat and rest.